Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

God Simulation Hybrid

Inspired by classic games such as Populous, Black and White, and Spore, in Apeiron the player becomes a Godling in a mystical and variegated universe. Using the enigmatic EDEN structures scattered around the galaxy, players will be able to channel their divine powers into producing incredible elemental miracles to grow and develop their Planets. The Planets are populated by cute little chubby creatures known as Doods who will worship your divine acts. With enough Dood followers, the player can make their divine will manifest as a fully-controllable Avatar, which they may use to engage in combat and explore the mysteries of the Apeiron Universe. Notably, the Planets, the heroic Apostle Doods, natural and Dood-made Planetary wonders, among other epic items - all of these are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that may be exchanged in public marketplaces.

Planet Simulation

Players will be in charge of Planets with unique biomes. Through powerful elemental miracles - nourishing rain storms, gentle breezes, raising mountains, and spontaneous fire - the player can grow a world to fit their divine plan. Reacting to these Miracles, the Doods will live and build their own societies. As this symbiotic relationship grows so will your power as a god, allowing you to create natural wonders and even manifest your Planet's Avatar. Each Planet is a unique NFT. Should a player gain control of multiple Planets, they may even “breed” new Planets in a holy event known as Celestial Conjunction. The new Planets will also be NFTs, which may either be kept for gameplay or sold on the market to other players.

World Exploration

Once the player has garnered enough Dood followers, they can summon their Planetary Avatar, and the game opens up into a roleplaying action-adventure experience. Accompanied by heroic Apostles, Avatars are powerful constructs that grow alongside your Planets. Each Planet has a unique and customizable Avatar with different strengths and weaknesses. The Avatar can explore the worlds, solve puzzles, and fight fearsome monsters in dangerous dungeons to collect epic items. Our unique card-battling combat system will have players managing combinations of skills on the fly as they react to the ever-shifting situation of the battlefield. Players will fight back against Chaos' army of monstrous Boods and unravel the mysteries at the heart of the godiverse.

Galactic Progression

As Godlings, players are not limited to their starting world. Through an intuitive galactic map overlay, they will be able to roam beyond the Axis Mundi - the Center of Creation - and explore the many sights of the godiverse. There will be Mythological Galaxies based on legends and myths from around the world for players to unlock, each of which will develop Apeiron's own storyline. And as the Apeiron metaverse grows, we expect there will be opportunities to collaborate with other creators and companies to offer new galaxies based on popular brands and IPs. Besides the galaxies, the godiverse will also have Celestial Waygates offering various gameplay modes and functions for players to enjoy, such as PvP ladder play, late-game GvG epic battles, and more relaxed chatrooms with mini-games.