Cosmogenesis: Birth of a metaverse
To fulfil the grand vision of the Apeiron metaverse, fundraising through asset sales will be unveiled phase by phase as we reach each development milestone.

PHASE 01 Preproduction 2016-2021

  • World setting and story Synopsis, Game Design Framework and Art Direction. ✔️
  • Proof of concept prototypes ✔️
  • Refining the Tri Token Tokenomics and NFT game cycle mechanics ✔️
  • Pre-Seed Round with Family & Friends ✔️

PHASE 02 Planet NFT Presale & TGE 2022 Q1

  • Community expansion campaigns via community and playable NFT airdrop events. ✔️
  • Available game assets in Phase 2 are:
    • Origins Apostle Relics NFT Giveaways, ✔️
    • Seed Round with top tier funds and gaming guilds. ✔️
    • Planet NFT Presales✔️

PHASE 03 Alpha & Marketplace 2022 Q2

  • Apeiros Token Offering
  • Browser Marketplace live, with Apeiros Staking and Planet Breeding functionalities.
  • Star NFTs Presale via Stella Tabula chests.

PHASE 04 Closed Beta & Star Presale 2022 Q3

  • Closed Beta with QA partners and limited community participants.
  • Players can view and interact with their purchased assets in a limited simulation experience. Interaction types and simulation aspects will gradually increase.
  • Spirit Core NFT Presale.

PHASE 05 Game Launch 2022 Q4

  • Players can play the open Beta version of Apeiron. The open Beta will feature complete Battle and Arena mechanics, with simplified simulation and dungeon mechanics.
  • Anima and Apeiros Tokens will be available in either or both centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Players and collectors can begin the creation of Relic NFTs, tradeable in marketplace.

PHASE 06 Gameplay Enhancements 2023 Q1

  • Full Planetary game cycle and Avatar evolutions will be unlocked.
  • Players will be able to rank up their Avatars in the official PvP Galactic Arena.
  • Mythology Galaxy NFT assets Presale.
  • Third token- “Ringularity” will be introduced.

PHASE 07 Galactic Progression 2023 Q3

  • Mythology Galaxies and Galactic Progression events will be released. Players shall take part in an epic narrative conflict between Cosmos and Chaos.
  • Constellation (Alliance) gameplay unlocked
  • New Mythology Galaxies and collaboration contents will be introduced steadily from hereon.

PHASE 08 Metaverse Integration 2023 Q4

  • Introduce metaverse IP and ownership revenue splitting protocol
  • NFT Partnerships and cross platform play
  • Apeiron Animation Shorts