Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.2.0

Cosmogenesis: Birth of a metaverse

To fulfil the grand vision of the Apeiron metaverse, fundraising through asset sales will be unveiled phase by phase as we reach each development milestone.


Read about what's happening now with Apeiron development!

Phase 05 Battle Beta 2023

  • Star Orbital functions✔️
  • Battle Demo Seasons with seasonal patch updates, including PvE and PvP content.
  • Seasonal Apeiron Guild Wars, Leaderboards and Apostle Mints.
  • Apeiros and Anima TGE alongside Battle Beta launch with multilingual and mobile support.


Read about our plans for the future.

Phase 06 Full Launch

  • Planet Simulation integration testing with Primeval holders and partners.
  • Full Game Launch with animation short.
  • Global eSports tournament with finals in a real life stadium.

Phase 07 Godiverse Expansions

  • Alliance gameplay and Ringularity token launch.
  • Mini-animation series and mass merchandise with IP licensing campaign.
  • Marketplace features to expand ecosystem.

Phase 08 Metaverse Integration

  • Metaverse interoperability
  • Cross Platform Play
  • Animation & Movie


Read about the development of Apeiron going all the way back to 2016.

Phase 04 Alpha 2022 Q3-4

  • Closed Alpha with partners and Primeval Planet holders.✔️
  • Nebula Expedition (NFT & Token Staking) and Emporium (Planet trading) available in Marketplace.✔️
  • 900 ETH Star NFTs Presale via Stella Tabula chests.✔️

Phase 03 Marketplace and Planet Breeding 2022 Q2

  • Inhouse testing of Alpha Build✔️
  • Browser Marketplace live✔️
  • Primeval Celestial Conjunction (Primeval Planet Breeding) live✔️

Phase 02 Fundraising 2022 Q1

  • Community expansion campaigns via playable NFT airdrop events. ✔️
  • Phase 2 Milestones:
    • Origins Apostle Relics NFT Giveaways ✔️
    • 13M Seed Round with top tier funds and gaming guilds ✔️
    • 1,500 ETH Planet NFT Presales✔️

Phase 01 Conceptualization 2016-2021

  • World Setting and Story Synopsis, Game Design Framework and Art Direction ✔️
  • Proof of concept prototypes ✔️
  • Refining the Tri Token Tokenomics and NFT game cycle mechanics ✔️
  • Pre-Seed Round with Family & Friends ✔️