Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

Testaments: Key Game Features

Apeiron’s gameplay is built upon three pillars: god-game simulation, action roleplaying game, and NFT Ownership. At the beginning of the game, players will be able to grow their planet and engage in mind-teasing puzzles through the use of elemental miracles. Doing so will convert more and more Doods into followers, which will upgrade players’ divine power and control over the planet. This manifests in the form of an Avatar, which can be used to dive into dungeons which will themselves progressively unlock along with planet development. As the player builds up their planet to its most powerful form, they can then take their Avatars, along with any accompanying Dood Apostle heroes, and engage in the endgame: competitive 1v1 PvP matches against other players to climb the seasonal ladder, epic Guild vs Guild battles to determine the fate of the godiverse or plumbing the deepest depths of the Manifold Paths of Dirac, our endless dungeon, for legendary treasure!
As players grow their presence in the Apeiron space, they will find that in order to get the resources necessary to level up their Godling, they will need multiple planets. To get more planets, they’ll need to either purchase one on the market or make a new one. To create new planets or any other NFT, players will need both Anima and Apeiros - two of our three tokens. They will thus need to jump back into the gameplay loop to get more tokens, or conversely purchase them on the market. In this way, our system encourages players to step into and become active traders on the Apeiron NFT marketplace. The play-and-earn structure keeps the players invested in playing to get more tokens, and then feeding the tokens back into the game to get more NFTs to continue to level up and reach the exclusive endgame.