Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

Pillar I : God-Game Simulation


The Basics: In order to interact with a Planet, your Godling will take its Spirit Core and inhabit an EDEN, mysterious structures dotting the surface of most Planets. You will need to own a Planet in order to inhabit its EDEN; Planets can be purchased from public marketplaces (see Pillar III: NFTs). Once your Spirit Core takes control of an EDEN on a planet you own, you will have power over that Planet’s elements to shape and grow the environment as you wish.
  • Each Planet will have its own elemental type and Avatar combat class, giving the player access to a unique set of skill cards for the Action RPG gameplay.
  • Each Planet will also come with its own dungeon to explore, through which the player can unlock additional Dood Apostle party members.
  • Players who want to try the game can reach out to our partner gaming guilds to get a non-transferable "seed planet" so that they can experience Apeiron's gameplay for free!
Below is the list of 15 planet archetypes you’ll be able to breed in Apeiron and their consequent elemental combinations. Each planet type will have its own base Avatar skin depending on its class which will also come with several unique cosmetic items, so there’s a huge amount to discover:
  1. 1.
    Gigas — Pure Earth: The Gigas Planets are those of Pure Earth. Soaring mountains tower to challenge the very heavens and the land itself is wrought on gigantic scale. Gigas Avatars will have access to the highest tier of Earth-aspected Skill Cards.
  2. 2.
    Leviathan — Pure Water: The Leviathan Planets are those of Pure Water. The surface of these worlds is an endless ocean of profound depths, in which sea creatures of monstrous size ride the deep currents. Leviathan Avatars will have access to the highest tier of Water-aspected Skill Cards.
  3. 3.
    Inferno — Pure Fire: The Inferno Planets are those of Pure Fire. Roaring flames greedily cover the world, unrelenting, in a constant dance of swirling heat and carbonizing color. Inferno Avatars will have access to the highest tier of Fire-aspected Skill Cards.
  4. 4.
    Tempest — Pure Air: The Tempest Planets are those of Pure Air. A constant storm bombards the Planet with blistering hail, pounding rain, vicious lightning, and booming thunder - a symphony of unceasing sound. Tempest Avatars will have access to the highest tier of Air-aspected Skill Cards.
  5. 5.
    Archipelago — Water/Earth: Archipelago Planets are duo-element worlds of Water and Earth. Gentle waves lap against island chains with sandy beaches where Doods hold frequent barbecues. Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards of both Earth and Water.
  6. 6.
    Volcanic — Fire/Earth: Volcanic Planets are duo-element worlds of Fire and Earth. Doods here cower in fear at the constant threat of eruption, and must always be prepared to flee from an ensuing pyroclastic flow! Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards of both Earth and Fire.
  7. 7.
    Karsts — Earth/Air: Karst Planets are duo-element worlds of Air and Earth. Pillars of earth reach out to the sky longingly; here the Doods take more than a passing interest in climbing. Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards of both Air and Earth.
  8. 8.
    Tundra — Fire/Water: Tundra Planets are duo-element worlds of Fire and Water. The snow and ice here is so cold it burns, so the Doods must wear special snowshoes as they go outside to watch the purple dancing lights in the sky. Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards of both Fire and Water.
  9. 9.
    Delta — Water/Air: Delta Planets are duo-element worlds of Water and Air. These worlds are teeming with life and support verdant ecosystems, perfect for the Doods, who are ready to see if they can cook everything and anything. Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards of both Air and Water.
  10. 10.
    Dunes — Fire/Air: Dune Planets are duo-element worlds of Fire and Air. These are desert worlds with more than a passing few giant sand worms, but they don’t stop Doods from rolling up and down the dunes joyfully. Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards of both Earth and Fire.
  11. 11.
    Mountainous — Fire/Water/Earth: Mountainous Planets are tri-element worlds of Fire, Water, and Earth. Tall mountains and deep valleys define the surface, but what lurks below, in the hearts of the mountains? Avatars here will have access to a variety of Skill Cards from Fire, Water, and Earth.
  12. 12.
    Foresty — Water/Air/Earth: Foresty Planets are tri-element worlds of Water, Air, and Earth. From dew-filled jungles to brave pine forests, this is a world with mystery and adventure to uncover for inquisitive Doodexplorers. Avatars here will have access to a variety of Skill Cards from Air, Water, and Earth.
  13. 13.
    Wasteland — Fire/Earth/Air: Wasteland Planets are tri-element worlds of Fire, Earth, and Air. The land here is pocked and scarred, empty of life - the Doods here are scavengers and bandits, picking at crumbs. Avatars here will have access to a variety of Skill Cards from Fire, Air, and Earth.
  14. 14.
    Oasis — Water/Fire/Air: Oasis Planets are tri-element worlds of Water, Fire, and Air. Much of the land here is covered with desert, but with the occasional pocket of plenty, where the Doods will congregate and have a bangin’ party. Avatars here will have access to a variety of Skill Cards from Fire, Water, and Air.
  15. 15.
    Normal — Four Element mix: Normal Planets are a mix of all four-elements! The sky is the limit for these worlds - as a Godling, you can bend such a world in any direction as your divine plan dictates. Avatars here will have access to Skill Cards of all elements and some Neutral Skill Cards.

God Game

Miracles: Using the EDEN, players can perform Miracles. Miracles are tied to the environment by the four traditional elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Through them, the player can shape the world and the Doods will respond accordingly. Send rain to help them grow their crops. Break apart mountains to provide them ore to build their cities. Or, should your followers displease you, a fireball will always put them in line.
  • As the player levels up their EDEN, more powerful miracles and Planetary functions will unlock. Primary Miracles may be combined to form new possibilities - for example, Air and Water create Ice, opening up new potential interactions with the environment and your Dood society.
  • Different environmental objects can be formed by combinations or repeated use of certain Miracles. Grow a forest full of verdant trees by using water and earth miracles to nourish the land, or create lakes of lava with unending fire miracles.
  • As the player uses Miracles to develop their planet, they will be able to add new and interesting skill cards to their combat deck.
Alignment: As you cast Miracles, your Alignment will shift towards either good or evil. Dood followers will present the player with prayers. Answer them with benevolence, and your alignment will move towards good, opening up special skills, quests, and an angelic appearance for your world. Conversely, should you repeatedly punish the Doods for their impudence, you will shift to evil - also with its own unique unlocks and slowly transforming the world into a demonic hellscape.
  • When players maximize their alignment they may have a chance for their Doods to construct special Planetary wonders or for unique Dood heroes to appear.
The Doods: At the start of the game, only one continent on the Planet will be open to the players, which will have a small Dood community. The first task for the players will be to convert these Doods into Followers by listening to their demands and performing Miracles. Doods will have their own preferences for miracles and objects to be produced in the environment, and it will be up to the player to figure out how best to meet their demands. After converting enough Doods into followers, the EDEN structure will level up, opening up additional continents for exploration with more Doods for converting.

Roguelike: Armageddon

Armageddon: As time goes on, a Planet will reach the end of its play cycle. Dood society will expand as far as it can go and begin to plateau. At this point, the player can choose to initiate an Armageddon. This will effectively “reset” the Planet, but will grant a set amount of Soul Gems, which can be used to upgrade the player’s Spirit Core, providing permanent passive and active bonuses.
  • There are two options for Armageddon: the player may either perform a benevolent Rapture for its Doods or a malevolent Sacrifice, each associated with a specific alignment, from which the player will be able to reap Soul Gems for leveling up their Spirit Core, as well as potentially other bonuses and rewards.
  • Additionally, an Armageddon will produce a large amount of Anima, our play-to-earn token. Assuming they have maximized their planet's development, players will be able to execute one Armageddon event per week per planet.
During a reset, players will be given the opportunity to convert some amount of their game objects into NFTs (See Pillar III: NFTs - Relics). However, they will need to spend tokens to do so. Both the tokens and the NFTs encourage the player to engage with the Apeiron marketplace, as they can both be exchanged for cryptocurrency.
  • Every time a player resets their planet, new continents will be randomly generated based on the planet’s elemental distribution, keeping the gameplay for each cycle fresh and interesting.
As the player continues to level up their Spirit Core, they will find they need more and more Soul Gems, requiring more and larger resets: in other words, a need to expand to other planets. In order to get other planets, they will have to become active on the Apeiron marketplace, thus reinforcing the play-and-earn gameplay loop.