Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

Blockchain Gaming Pioneers

Blockchains are a powerful new technology that the gaming industry is uniquely positioned to take advantage of. Over the past half a century, gamers have become accustomed to tokenization of wealth in the form of some in-game currency (e.g. gold). However, frustrations and reservations over sustained investment have come in the form of a lack of liquidity. As a player, if you invest your time and money into building up a profile in a given game, under the current system, you cannot transfer or liquidate any of those assets. Under the terms of use, you may not even own what you produce. This can make you hesitant to invest in the first place. And here the blockchain offers a revolutionary solution. What if everything you produced could be traded or exchanged? Blockchain opens the door to a metaverse of interconnected game IPs, and Apeiron aims to be at the forefront of this new wave.

Tri-Token Driven Structure

Most NFT games host two tokens, a limited Proof of Stake governance token that acts like company shares and a play-to-earn game currency token that is created via daily gameplay. While this model is a solid structure for the many casual NFT games entering the market, having too few game currencies can result in problematic price fluctuations: growth is primarily driven by new users staking their way into the game, so the value of the play-to-earn token depreciates dramatically over time. Apeiron aims to introduce a third form of currency to promote high-level gameplay, one that is only earned by players who commit to joining and playing in Alliances. We believe that, in the long term, it is a passionate community which will keep the game going, and our 3rd token aims to reward just this group of players.

NFT Metaverse

The intrinsic value of digital assets arises with usage, and the NFT metaverse offers a unique platform to expand the use cases of digital resources like never before. It is nothing less than an integrated virtual world where players will be able to not only easily exchange their assets from one game to another, but actually use them across different game experiences. We will monitor and work closely with other pioneers in the industry to integrate Apeiron into the emerging NFT metaverse. The road to the future must be forged together, and we intend to be leading the charge to fulfill this grand vision.

Building a Sustainable Ecosystem

Our original ideas of free to play and accessibility have shifted over time. Now, we have chosen to place our free to play elements into gaming guilds. These guilds will evolve together alongside Apeiron to produce a doodtastic and sustainable ecosystem that welcomes and educates new players from around the world to become informed web3 citizens, and offer free access to our gameplay and community mentorship right along with it. Simultaneously, we are shifting from play-to-earn to play-and-earn. For us, this shift represents our commitment to putting innovative gameplay mechanics and strong storytelling first. These are big changes, but important ones. Here at Foonie Magus, we care deeply about Apeiron. We have been working on it for over half a decade. These changes will ensure that Apeiron has the foundations in place to grow and thrive long into the future.