Factoring in Entertainment Value: A positive sum game

A Free to Play, Own & Earn Principle

Apeiron designed the game economy with a "Free to Play, Own & Earn" principle to cater for mobile accssibility while adhering to app store guidelines. This mobile-friendly design entails that there is no requirement for an upfront purchase, allowing everyone to enjoy the Apeiron experience at their fingertips. However, to truly capitalize on the benefits our game offers, players are encouraged to take ownership of NFTs within the game. NFT ownership allows players to earn transferable tokens, Anima and Apeiros, turning their gaming efforts into assets. The duel-front model allows us to both adhere to app store policies, offer wider accessibility, and maintain the rewarding and engaging win-to-earn aspects of the game.

The Token-NFT Cycle

Apeiron's uniquely designed trifecta of interaction - Mint, Breed, and Earn - is central to our gamenomics, with Anima and Apeiros tokens facilitating each stage. Players utilize these tokens to craft their first Apostle NFTs, initiating their journey in the Apeiron universe.

These tokens also facilitate the breeding of NFTs through Celestial Conjunctions, a feature that allows gamers to actually "breed" their own planets. Creating new planets fosters growth in the game universe and gives rise to newly minted elements, seamlessly linking the crafting and expansion of the ecosystem.

Finally, owning these NFTs unlocks pathways for players to earn tokens and craft NFTs, transforming their gameplay into a potentially profitable venture. Thus, the tokens players invest in crafting and breeding NFTs eventually circle back to them, creating a self-perpetuating economic loop.

This synergistic relationship between the tokens and NFTs - crafting with tokens, breeding with tokens, and owning NFTs to earn tokens - ensures a constant cycle of supply and demand, which itself fuels a dynamic, player-led economy that mirrors real-world economic models, making gameplay in Apeiron not just engaging but also strategically fulfilling.

Player Incentives

Our Tokens and NFTs operate in tandem to mirror a functioning economy, where different players in different parts of the game will have varying incentives to interact with our systems. Below we have a chart where we have some of our doods roleplaying, to the best of their limited abilities, a few of the player types Apeiron might maintain. Of course, they can only represent so much, but it will at least give an idea.

At the top will be the Star Owners, the Mass Planet Breeders, and the market aficionados: these will be the players who have heavily invested in the game from the start and have become leaders of their own Alliances. Below them you have the specialized players: the Pro Players will be PvP experts who have fully-fleshed out team for battle in the Arena and who focus on making Apeiros, our governance token. Then there are the PvE experts who farm dungeons and develop planets to get the best high-end Relics. Speedrunners will focus on maximizing short and speedy cycles to generate more of our p2e currency, Anima. And finally, Socializers will chill out and chat with all the others, tying the community together as they proceed slowly through the game.

Note that this is just a model. In reality, the economy will be much more fluid and dynamic. Not only are there more player types than what this model can account for, but as players move naturally among the types and as they discover their own strategies for engaging with the game we expect the economy to continue to evolve. We are excited for them to explore what our game has to offer, and will actively monitor Apeiron’s economics to make sure it remains fair, open, and fun!

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