Divine Currency

The Apeiron ecosystem is regulated by two core tokens, Apeiros and Anima. Apeiros caters to the entire ecosystem, while Anima is focused on supporting the single-player experience. Finally, we will introduce Ringularity as our key multiplayer token in the future with the release of our GvE and GvG gameplay.

You may notice Apeiros and Anima both have in-game versions. These will be purchasable, non-tradeable in-game only tokens. We wanted to do this to make sure that we abide by the rules and regulations of existing marketplaces and to guarantee that we can smoothly deliver the Apeiron experience to as many people as possible. The godiverse is, after all, welcoming to everyone.

  • Ecosystem growth - Creation of NFTs

  • Premium Game Currency - Convert to Aperium in-game currency

  • Staking in ecosystem reward pools

  • Player account growth - Enhancement of NFTs

  • Free to Play Game Currency - Convert to Animus in-game currency

  • Staking in game reward pools

Please note that $APRS (similar to Axie Infinity’s $AXS), as our ecosystem token, will be tied closely with our ecosystem’s health and growth. To maintain long term sustainability, we will not be doing much airdrops with $APRS, especially during the TGE phase. $APRS goes hand-in-hand with $ANIMA (similar to $SLP), which will be our game utility token, and which players will be able to get through playing, contributing, and winning! We will especially be focusing on rewarding our community, beta testers and early supporters with plenty of $ANIMA Airdrops. As a final note, it’s important to understand that Apeiron rewards those who utilize their assets, and most Apeiron NFTs are MULTIPLIERS of your efforts.

  • Top tier gameplay- The one $RNGU to rule them all

  • Seasonal Godly Auctions

  • Godiverse rule-bending power

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