Game Modes

Something for Everyone

Apeiron has a variety of different game modes that each offer fun experiences, depending on what you're in the mood for.

  1. PvP - Player vs Player competitive battles. Rank up, climb the ladder, and you could potentially join one of our esports events!

  2. PvE - Player vs Environment roguelite dungeon. Battle the forces of Chaos, rescue the souls of brave dood Apostles, and find powerful Artifacts that change the way you play. There's always something to discover in the dungeon!

  3. God-Game Simulation - Inspired by classic god games, in this mode you'll take control of a planet full of doods and use your divine powers to shape the world through incredible elemental Miracles.

  4. GvG - Guild vs Guild Alliance gameplay. Join together with other godlings to take on the most challenging forces in the godiverse!

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