Nebula Expeditions

Utility for your NFTs

Nebula Expeditions are limited-time events for players to start exploring and discovering treasure in the Apeiron godiverse. They offer players who own our Planets and Apostles an exciting new utility: a way to start earning resources by staking their NFTs and selected tokens.

When an Expedition is launched, there will be a countdown timer with a brief lore description and an announcement of what prize you can win. Players who want to participate start by staking at least one Planet.

The longer you stake for, the more Vapor you generate. Vapor determines your odds - compared to other players - of winning whatever the prize is. The more Vapor, the better your chances, to encourage players to stake for the full duration of the event. Vapor is non-tradeable, and will dissipate after a successful Expedition. If a player should fail to claim a prize during an Expedition, the accrued Vapor will remain, encouraging them to have another go by giving them a head start on the next one.

Players may generate additional Vapor through staking more of their Apeiron NFTs. Up to 6 Planets and up to 12 unique Apostles (i.e. from different combat classes) may be staked. Higher rarity Planets will generate more Vapor.

Some Expeditions will require keys to unlock the prizes. Once players have selected their NFTs to be staked, they will have an option to purchase keys. Depending on how much Vapor you expect to generate (and thus how many prizes you expect to claim), you could buy more or less keys. There will be different types of keys for different Expeditions and prizes. Keys are valued at .01 wETH. Keys are non-tradeable, and will be retained by players after Expeditions to either keep for the next usable Expedition or returned for the price of purchase.

When the countdown timer gets to zero, the Expedition is complete. At that time, all players who have Vapor and the requisite keys are put into a pool, and the looting begins. Based on all the accrued Vapor, each Expedition has a chance to win prizes.

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