$ANIMA & Animus

"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes" - Walt Whitman

Anima ($ANIMA) is our win-to-earn and player incentive token, while Animus is a non-tradeable in-game currency. Anima can be topped-up to the game as Animus in the forthcoming Apeiron top-up store. Animus will be the free-to-play/soft currency purchasable via IAP in the mobile game version.

In-game Utility

  • Additional Reserve Slots

  • Revive chance in Dungeon

  • Gacha (Coming soon)

  • Booty Hour Refill

  • Animus Shop (Coming Soon)

Marketplace Utility

Animus acts as a discount currency for $ANIMA for marketplace utility

  • Celestial Conjunction

  • Chronomerging (Coming Soon)

  • Expeditions (NFT and Token Staking Reward)

  • Attach to Relic Slot (Coming Soon)

  • Relic Forge and Reforge (Coming Soon)

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