GvG: Alliance Gameplay

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Everything on this page is subject to change.

As our community of players grows and begins to become more powerful, we will introduce GvG Guild vs Guild Alliance gameplay. Players will be able to join Alliances - formed out of Constellations of Stars - to gain access to powerful Zodiac Buffs. An Alliance will also be a social hub, groups of friends working together towards a common goal. Games are more fun when playing together!

And you'll need all the help you can get, because GvG gameplay will involve huge, epic Avatar battles on a scale never before seen. We'll also be adding Raid Bosses to the game, who will be gatekeepers to seasonal content. Guilds will be at the forefront of taking down these Raid Bosses, and upon defeating them, will organically trigger a new wave of content for everyone to enjoy.

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