Changing up your Game

Artifacts are unique rare items that provide passive bonuses. During the course of any given dungeon run, your Artifacts will push you to tailor your playstyle in a certain way so as to maximize their effectiveness, making each run distinct. And on top of that, some Artifacts come at different rarities, ranging from Common to Epic. The rarer the Artifact, the stronger the effect!

For example, you might get “The Warrior’s Cookpot”, which has the effect “When you play a Warrior skill card, you have a 40% chance to return a Warrior skill card from your discard pile to the top of your deck.” This can really let you combo off with Warrior skill cards, so you could run a Warrior-heavy Apostle team if you got this Artifact.

In fact, you'll get multiple Artifacts over the course of any single dungeon run, and some combinations can be particularly potent. Consider an Artifact like “The Pentahorn.” This Artifact gives you attack speed to all your units for every 5 mana in your mana pool, encouraging you to keep at least 5 mana at all times, so a test of your mana awareness. With something like “The Spirit-Coral Tree”, which gives additional max mana, you can gain even MORE attack speed!

Can you spot the Spirit-Coral Tree?

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