Apostle NFTs

Apostles and Apostle NFTs (Coming Soon in S3)

In contrast to the eternal life led by Gods in Apeiron, Apostles are prone to aging and eventual death (very sad). Players will encounter a diverse range of Apostles, each with unique appearances, skills, IVs, and personalities. As gods, you can extend your Apostles' lifespans and even resurrect them with the use of Miracles. Yet, such processes can be rather challenging and painful.

To avoid the inevitability of old age and death, players can transform their Apostles into Dood Angels by minting them into NFTs. Upon achieving the Dood Angel state, which is visually represented by a Halo and Wings, Apostles cease aging and attain a form of digital immortality.

However, this ascension comes with a trade-off – their growth becomes stagnant. To resume this progress, players will need to either Reforge their Apostles NFT into Planet Relic slots. This innovative life cycle of Apostles introduces unique gameplay mechanics, deepening the immersion and complexity of the Apeiron universe. Players are encouraged not just to play, but to strategically invest in the longevity and growth of their Apostles, merging gameplay with strategic foresight.

Booty Hours and Free Mints - Dood Halo and Doodelic Wings

During Booty Hours, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Dood Halo activated! You will have a significantly higher chance to find and collect Dood Halo during Booty Hours.

  • A second chance! Booty Hours will give you an extra life in case you accidentally perish while dungeon delving.

  • Drop rates up! You’ll get more Apostles — with better IVs — during Booty Hours.

Dood Halo and Doodelic Wings are seasonal, non-transferable items that each provide 1 free Apostle mint for the Apostles that are being minted that season.

Dood Halo is a rare drop during Booty Hours in-game.

Doodelic Wings can be acquired by participating in community events, being a part of the Apeiron Guild War winning community or by becoming a believer of endorsed Apeiron Adeptus Missionaries, our affiliated partner program.

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