Apostle NFT Minting Details and FAQ

Each Apostle has an Individual Variable (IV). IVs can range from 1-100. The higher the IV, the better the Apostle’s stats - everything from health to attack to defense. So of course, you want an Apostle with the highest IV possible!

Apostles will drop randomly as you make your way through the dungeon. Then, at the end of Depth 3, you’ll have the option to save one of those Apostles. Each player starts with 1 Reserve Slot for Apostle saving. Got an Apostle with a high IV? Stick it in the Reserve.

Then, at the end of the season, you’ll be able to mint your high IV Dood Apostle from the Reserve Slot, making it into an NFT which is yours to keep!

Each player will be able to increase both their Reserve Slots and the number of times they mint by being an asset holder or through our Discord. Specifically, each player can have up to a max of 6 Reserve Slots and mint up to a max of 3 Apostles. For the Apostle minting, mint prices are as follows (excluding gas fees):

  1. First Mint = .02ETH

  2. Second Mint = .05ETH

  3. Third Mint = .1ETH

Players will also be able to earn up to 2 FREE mints. One of these free mints can be earned through playing the game and collecting the rare item Dood Halo. The other free mint can be earned - you guessed it - by either being an asset holder or through participating in our Discord community and earning Doodelic Wings. These are seasonal items that are only valid for the season in which they drop.

We understand you may have some questions about how all this shakes out, and we’ve compiled a brief FAQ below to cover what we think may be some of your most commonly asked questions.

Q1: What happens if I sell my planet mid-season as a planet holder? A1: Your extra reserve slot will be locked, and you'll lose the free mint item “Dood Halo” at season's end. Purchasing another planet during the season will reactivate your privileges.

Q2: Can I transfer my “Dood Halo” or "Doodelic Wings" to another account? A2: No, “Dood Halo” and "Doodelic Wings" are non-transferable.

Q3: What's the maximum individual variables (IV)? A3: The maximum IV of an Apostle is 100.

Q4: What's the difference between Golden Apostle Mint Ticket and Original Mint Ticket? A4: Original Mint Tickets are class-based NFTs available on OpenSea, featuring the same costume as the ticket's appearance, 88 IV and an "Origin" tag. Golden Apostle tickets are non-transferable and must be opened in the marketplace. Each ticket yields a random Apostle with random costume, skills, and high IV.

Q5: Is there an expiration date for the free mint tickets? A5: Yes. Dood Halo and Doodelic Wings are only valid for the season in which they are dropped in. Q6: Will there be mint tickets for the other Apostle classes in the future? A6: Yes, please stay tuned for future announcements! Q7: Do I have to finish all the depths to mint Apostles even when I can pay for the mint or when I have a free mint item? A7: You need to have beaten the boss at the end of Depth 3 in order to put an Apostle in your Reserve Slot. So yes, you do need to play the game and finish all the dungeon depths. Q8: If I have two apostles with the exact same class and skills, am I able to level up all three skills at once or I can only pick one skill to level up? A8: No, you can only choose one skill to level up for each infused Apostle.

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