Planet NFTs

Brave New Worlds

Planet NFTs

Planets are where the main gameplay loop happens and are necessary to play Apeiron, essentially functioning as a player's license to play. Players have two options to acquire their first Planet NFT: they may join a gaming guild to get a non-transferable seed planet to try the game for FREE or they may purchase any Planet available on the marketplace.

Every planet is made up of a combination of unique traits and attributes split between the four elements. Planets come at different rarities, where the rarer Planets will have higher chances of getting rare traits and elemental distributions.

Planets have the following utilities:

  • Playing Apeiron: You need a Planet to start playing Apeiron! This includes both Player vs Environment god simulation and roguelite gameplay as well as competitive Player vs Player esports. It all starts with owning a Planet!

  • Renting: You can rent out your extra Planets to other players and start to accrue passive rents through their gameplay.

  • Breeding: If you have two Planets you can use them to breed a third, which you can then use for more Planet breeding and so on to continue to expand your NFT portfolio.

  • Expeditions: You can stake your unused Planets on a Nebula Expedition, which will give you a chance to earn valuable NFT rewards.

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