Primeval Planet Presale Archive

This page is an archive of the Primeval Planet Presale.

Primal CoreDivine CoreArcane CoreMythic CoreElemental Core


6.66 ETH

2.00 ETH

0.66 ETH

0.33 ETH

0.1 ETH














#0 - #13

#14 - #386

#387 - #1132

#1133 - #3187

#3188 - #4585

Bloodline Probability

Pure: 100%

Pure: 10% Duo: 90%

Pure: 2% Duo: 30% Tri: 68%

Pure: 1% Duo: 9% Tri: 72% Quad: 18%

Tri: 70% Quad: 30%

Elemental Distribution






Primeval Legacy

Not Needed

20% Chance

10% Chance

10% Chance

10% Chance

Total 4586 Planets There are 50 Cores reserved for future events and the community.

  • 8 Elemental Cores

  • 20 Mythic Cores

  • 10 Arcane Cores

  • 10 Divine Cores

  • 2 Primal Cores

There are 640 Cores for Guild investment pack

  • 390 Elemental Cores

  • 150 Mythic Cores

  • 70 Arcane Cores

  • 30 Divine Cores

There are 3896 Cores available for public sales

  • 1000 Elemental Cores

  • 1885 Mythic Cores

  • 666 Arcane Cores

  • 333 Divine Cores

  • 12 Primal Cores


  • Those who manage to claim a spot on our VIP Whitelist (total of 666 slots). They will get first access to the Presale ahead of everyone else. VIP Whitelist can purchase up to 2 Cores

  • Those who manage to claim a spot on the Whitelist (total of 1964 spots available). They will gain access to the Presale 2 hours after Presale is available to those in VIP Whitelist. Whitelist can purchase 1 Core.

ANY of the Primeval Cores come with the following benefits:

  1. Access to an exclusive #Alpha-specops events channel for periodic goodies with your fellow Primeval Planeteers and Apeiron OGs.

  2. Eligible for airdrop events, including APRS tokens and future NFT game items.

  3. Access to the Abiogenesis Event, in which Planetary Traits and Cosmetics will spawn into the game

  4. Access to Primeval Celestial Conjunction — when the stars align, those who own 2 planets can use their spiritual essence to produce a third, and then continue to “breed” more planets, populating the Apeiron godiverse! The first breeds are exclusive to Primeval Planet owners only.

  5. Access to the Apeiron Beta test — when our game goes into beta in Q3 2022, you’ll be the first with the foot in the door.

  6. Those who manage to secure a Divine or Primal rarity Primeval Core will also gain access to the ultra-exclusive #Omega-club-ω channel in Discord for the V-est of VIPs. A direct line to our co-founders and first hand information from the Overlords themselves!

  7. Finally, each Primeval Planet NFT comes with its own exclusive “Exordium” tag to highlight that it was one of the very first Planets to come into existence.


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