Apeiron Creator Programme

Are you a content creator? Then this is the page for you!

You can register with us here: https://3z4iebfht34.typeform.com/ApeironCreators

Getting Started

Once approved, we'll send you a unique invite link and code to our official marketplace. Everyone who uses your invite link or code will be taken to the Marketplace to register an account as one of your Believers.

Believers will get an extra Booty Hour — giving them boosted drop rates for rare Artifacts and Apostles in the dungeon. Additionally, once you’ve posted your first Apeiron video, we can provide you with a small bounty of Lunisolar Battlepass NFTs and Doodelic Wings (for free minting) to give away to your Believers.

Once you hit 20 Believers, you’ll be immediately eligible to claim Doodelic Wings to raffle away. You'll also be eligible for rewards for your content, scaling up as you get more Believers to join your flock. We'll be giving out USDC for the following content:

  1. Dedicated review video

  2. Let's Play video

  3. At least 3 mentions of our latest game release in any content.

If your Believers end up beating the first boss and spending a ton of time in the demo, we’ll also provide access to additional bonuses.

Adding it all together, if you got the maximum number of Believers and did every piece of content, you could earn up to $2750 USDC in growth bonuses!

These rewards will reset on a seasonal basis. So at the end of the season, we’ll take a look at the number of Believers you have and if you have posted videos etc. etc., and then distribute rewards accordingly — within 10 working days.

Also please note that each reward can only be claimed once for each category per season. So you might post multiple Let’s Play videos, but you can only claim that reward once.

Competitive Community

If you are a content creator who already has an active community (with 20+ active users, as well as your own branding), you’ll be given the chance to enter our Guild War esports event. These are on a seasonal basis, have varying rules and events, and come with a prize pool of over $200,000!

You’ll be awarded USDC simply for successfully registering your community for the Guild Wars. Then, if your community manages to make the top 32, you’ll get a bonus in USDC, and if you make it to the top 16, you’ll get another bonus USDC.

Note that these are on top of all the rewards and prize money that you can win through the event. Watch out for the next Guild Wars and jump in!

From Creator to Missionary

Those content creators who reach 100 Believers will be promoted to become Missionaries in the Apeiron Adeptus Program. Missionaries — or in other words, long term affiliated marketing partners for Apeiron — receive a number of additional perks.

First and foremost, you’ll be able to collect commission on purchases and transactions your Believers make on our official marketplace. This includes (but is not limited to) NFT Mints, Nebula Expedition sales, Marketplace trades, Planet scholars, and Orbital Track rentals.

How much commission will you make? The more Believers you have, the higher your commission ratio — simple as that. In terms of distribution, we would settle commissions on the first week of each month and send it directly to your bound Adeptus wallet address. In the case of sales events spanning multiple months, it would be settled at the beginning of the month after the end of the event.

Second, you’ll have access to referral bonuses. We’re talking about reaching out to other communities: Twitter accounts with over 2000 followers, Discord or Telegram groups with over 200 members, etc. You’ll get a neat USDC reward for every successful referral, and if we end up signing a long-term contract, we’ll give you a special one-time bounty.

PLEASE NOTE that if we detect any cheating, we will immediately CANCEL your Missionary status and permanently BAN you from receiving any partner or creator rewards. Additionally, Missionaries are prohibited from advertising their exclusive links on official Apeiron channels such as Discord, Telegram, or Twitter. Being a Missionary is about finding new users and letting more people know about Apeiron, not trying to steal existing users from each other. Any Missionary who posts their link on official channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) will have their Missionary status canceled.

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