God-Game Simulation

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The Basics: In order to interact with a Planet, your Godling will take its Spirit Core and inhabit an EDEN, mysterious structures dotting the surface of most Planets. Once your Spirit Core takes control of an EDEN on a planet you own, you will have power over that Planet and be able to shape it in your image

  • Each Planet Type will have its own biome based on its elemental composition, leading to unique gameplay.

  • Players will use Miracles to slowly grow a small dood village into a thriving dood civilization.

  • Dood communities will utilize our DoodGPT AI system to dynamically present the player with different missions and events so that there is always something new to discover. These are living, breathing worlds!

God Game

Miracles: Using the EDEN, players can perform Miracles to answer the prayers of their doods. There will be a variety of different powerful Miracles that players will have access to: Elemental, Healing, Blessings, Punishments, and even powerful Planetary Miracles that affect the world on a global scale. Through these Miracles, players will be able to respond to the dynamic missions and events generated by the dood community AIs and by the game world itself.

Alignment: As you cast Miracles, your Alignment will shift towards either good or evil. Dood followers will present the player with prayers. Answer them with benevolence, and your alignment will move towards good, opening up special skills, quests, and an angelic appearance for your world. Conversely, should you repeatedly punish the Doods for their impudence, you will shift to evil - also with its own unique unlocks and slowly transforming the world into a demonic hellscape.

Dood Followers Monthly Leaderboard: Every month, a leaderboard will track how many followers - which is to say, how many doods on your Planet(s) believe in you and worship you as their primary god - each player has gained. More followers, rank up! Higher rank, cool rewards at the end of the season.

Armageddon: It's the End of the World (as we know it)

Armageddon: As time goes on, your Planet will become fully developed. But things might not have gone as you planned: certain events or crazy doods could have messed up your plans so your Planet did not become the paradise you expected. Or maybe you're ready to unlock the Soul Gems from the Planet to upgrade your Spirit Core to get permanent passive and active bonuses. In that case, it's time to trigger an Armageddon!

There are two options for Armageddon: the player may either perform a benevolent Rapture for its Doods or a malevolent Sacrifice, each associated with a specific alignment, from which the player will be able to reap Soul Gems for leveling up their Spirit Core, as well as potentially other bonuses and rewards.

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