NFT Presale History

This page contains information on the two Apeiron NFT presales held in 2022.

Planet NFT Presale (April 2022)

The first 4,586 Planet NFTs generated will be the rarest Planets in the Apeiron metaverse: the Primeval Planets. These limited edition, never-again-minted NFTs feature exclusive cosmetic and meta tags, and their pre-sales will raise capital for the project. They will also grant their owners access to special privileges such as pre-launch Celestial Conjunction opportunities, beta gameplay, and more.

You can find more information on this Presale in the "Primeval Planets" subpage below.

Stella Tabula Lottery and Presales (October 2022)

Some Star plots in Apeiron will be sold to early buyers - specifically, a total of 11,498 Stars will be made available for Sale in the form of Stella Tabulas. Stella Tabulas are chests containing Stars from across the many galaxies of the Apeiron universe. Besides a guaranteed Star, the chest may also contain up to ten Celestial Items to customize your Star. Stella Tabulas come at different rarity tiers, ranging from common to divine: higher rarity Stella Tabulas come with better chances at scoring Ancient Stars and legendary items. Stella Tabulas will be initially sold through a lottery available to those who stake our Apeiros token.

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