This page goes over the process of deckbuilding. In Apeiron, deckbuilding takes two factors into consideration: choice of Avatar and then choice of Apostles. Which Avatar you choose to use will be the most important decision that will define your Combat Deck's capabilities, which you can then refine and reinforce with certain Apostles. Let's theorycraft some combinations that might work well together.

Please note that the Skill names on this page are a work-in-progress.

Deck #1 - Let’s Get Hot

Avatar Planet Type: Inferno (Pure Fire)

Key Avatar Skill: Scorchbrand - Spawn a Volcano at the target location, knocking up and aside all enemies within, dealing 200%INT magic damage. The Volcano lasts for 10 seconds, erupting every 2.5 seconds, blasting lava and summoning 3 Firesoul Doods. Simultaneously, the Avatar releases a swarm of 6 Fireballs over 3 seconds that evenly distributes among nearby enemy Avatars/ Elites/ Bosses, dealing all enemies hit upon landing 20%INT magic damage, inflicting them Ablaze.

1 Firesoul Dood with 12% of your Avatar's attribution is summoned upon landing of a Volcano Fireball.

Firesoul Doods

They attack the closest target, dealing them 400%INT physical damage, they have 10% increased movement speed and attack speed upon targeting Ablazed enemies.

Apostles Key Skills:

Warrior - Welcome to the SLAM — Leaps to the target location, destroying all shields on enemies, then dealing 90%ATK magic damage to the enemy closest to the center of the area of effect. If the target hit was shielded, damage dealt is increased by 75%, and the target is stunned for 2 seconds.

Rogue - Blade Breakdancing - Dashes to the target's position and blade dances, dealing 30% ATK physical damage to all nearby enemies.

Rogue - Killer Instinct - Immediately triggers the Rogue’s energized skill and grants it 20% bonus ATK and 50% bonus attack speed for 8 seconds.

Rogue - Sneaky Smokescreen - Detonates a canister, releasing a smokescreen at the target location for 5 seconds. All friendly units within the smokescreen gain 100% bonus movement speed and become untargetable. Enemy units within the smokescreen will lose 20% attack speed.

Explanation: This is an aggro build, which means you’re going to be trying to put pressure on your opponent as soon as the match starts. You really want to open with Scorchbrand since that will immediately put your opponent on the back foot dealing with so many summons. Drop a Sneaky Smokescreen to keep your summoned units safe, then jump in with Blade Breakdancing and Killer Instinct to finish them off. The lone Warrior is there to break any shields if necessary.

Deck #2 - Dash’n’Dodge

Avatar Planet Type: Delta (Duo Air and Water)

Key Avatar Skill: Tsunami Cannon - Dashes in the target direction, then fires a water bubble in the direction of the enemy Avatar, dealing 120%INT magic damage to all enemies hit in its path, slowing them down by 30% for 1.5 seconds. If the bubble hits 3 enemy units, it breaks and a Dreamcatcher with 40% of your Avatar's attribution is summoned.


They attack the closest target, prioritizing enemy Avatar/boss/elites, dealing them 35%INT magic damage, while it's HP decays by 5% per second. They deals 15% increased damage to Frostbite enemies, and immediately targets and dashes to enemy Avatar/boss/elites hit by any of your damaging abilities, dealing the target enemy 200% INT magic damage upon arrival.

Apostles Key Skills:

Hunter - Hawkeye - Choose an ally. Your next card drawn will be from among its skills in the deck. Additionally, the targeted ally will receive a 30% bonus attack speed and a 30% bonus critical chance for 8 seconds.

Hunter - Root Trap Slide - Dashes in the targeted direction, while leaving a trap in its original location for 20 seconds. The trap will detonate after 1 seconds if any enemy steps onto the trap or when the duration ends, dealing 500%INT magic damage to enemies hit and rooting them for 2 seconds.

Mage - Switcharoo - Switches position with the allied Avatar, while also healing both for 5%Target's Max HP.

Rogue - Now you See Me… - Choose a target location. The Rogue becomes untargetable and fades away, reappearing at the chosen location after 1.5 seconds, then healing itself for 10% MissingHP upon reappearing.

Explanation: This build is all around moving around the battlefield. Both your Avatar and Apostles have access to a variety of skills to keep them shifting in unexpected ways: Tsunami Cannon gives an extra dash, Switcharoo lets you suddenly warp across the map, Root Trap Slide lets you kite your opponent…this is a high skill ceiling deck with a huge amount of potential to outmaneuver your opponent and leave them flailing in your wake.

Deck #3 - By the Elements Combined!

Avatar Planet Type: Normal (Quad Element)

Key Avatar Skill: Zip Zap Orbs - Generates 3 electrical orbs that circle around your Avatar for 5 seconds, dealing 30%INT on-hit magic damage.

Apostles Key Skills:

Warrior - Hangry Yell - Unleashes a piercing warcry, taunting all enemies for 1.5 seconds and gaining a 20% MaxHP shield for 5 seconds.

Priest - Almost-vincible - Blesses the target location for 3 seconds. Allies within the area have 50% damage reduction. Additionally, the HP of all units within the area cannot drop below 10%, and they are healed for 650% INT HP when the blessing ends.

Priest - Circle o’ Healing - Spawns a healing circle at the target location for 8 seconds, healing all allies for 125% INT HP within the area every second.

Guardian - Got Your Back - Dashes to the targeted ally, granting both units a 175%DEF shield for 6 seconds. If the target is an Avatar, the shield effectiveness and duration is increased by 50%.

Explanation: This build is all about getting up close and personal. Zip Zap Orbs wants you to stick to your opponent to get repeated instances of damage, so we can expect to take some damage as we’re throwing our Avatar into the fray. Therefore, we bring along a Warrior and Guardian for some CC and shields to act as bodyguards to our Avatar, while a pair of Priests keep us topped up from the backlines.

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