Lore: Exploring the Godiverse

Above is our Map of the Godiverse, the Apeiron universe. Please note that this is still in development, and so subject to change - but this gives you an idea of it!

In the center, you can see the Axis Mundi — the Center of Creation — from where all the godiverse emerges. It is here that Cosmos looks out from her seat on the Empyrean Throne and plans her next move in the war against Chaos and his corrupting Taint.

Surrounding the Axis Mundi are Mythological Galaxies, 12 in total, representing different mythologies from around the world: Sumer, Kemet, Olympus, Yggdrasill, Aseudal, Opona, Chryse, Penglai, Brahma Vardha, Moztoc, and Amatsuguhara. You can see Amatsuguhara slightly to the lower right of the Axis Mundi.

These Mythological Galaxies are ruled by Mythic Gods, some of whom are benevolent and kind, while others…not so much. On top of that, the Galaxies are defended (or sealed away?) by incredibly powerful Guardians, and it will be one of your tasks as a Godling to challenge these Guardians and unlock the riches and mysteries of the Mythological Galaxies for all to explore.

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