PvP: Enter the Arena

In PvP, you'll battle other godlings in the Godling Arena to prove your divine mettle.

Preparing for Battle

  1. Once you've entered the Arena, you'll be able to manage your teams.

  2. Start by selecting the Avatar you'd like to lead your team. You'll be able to choose Avatars from among Planets you own.

  3. Then proceed to the Skill Tree, where you can prepare your Avatar with the skills and perks you want to bring into battle. Don't forget to equip your skills after leveling them up!

  4. Next, select the Apostles you want to accompany your Avatar. You may choose up to 6 from among the Apostles you own.

  5. Find a match and get ready to rumble!


  1. Each Battle is a Best of 3 match. Whoever defeats the enemy Avatar first wins the round!

  2. Before the round begins, you'll have some time to choose which four Apostles you want to bring in and where you want to position them on the battlefield.

  3. The battle begins!

  4. As the battle goes on, a ring of death will appear and slowly get smaller. Act fast! Units on the outside of the ring will take constant damage.

  5. Use your Avatar and Apostle skills in conjunction to claim victory!

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