Your True Believers

Most Doods live carefree hedonistic lives, but there are some who - inspired or saved by your divine power - hear the call to adventure. These are the Dood Apostles. Apostles will join your Avatar in battle and add their skills to your Combat Deck.

Basic Apostle Info

  • Find Apostles to join you in the PvE dungeon.

  • There are 12 classes, each with their own skills. Collect them all!

  • Each Apostle you find comes with its own random selection of skills as well as stats.

  • Apostle stats are determined by an Apostle's Individual Variable (IV). IVs can range from 1-100. The higher the IV, the better the Apostle’s stats - everything from health to attack to defense.

  • Apostles may be combined together to level up their skills.

Apostles are lost when you complete a dungeon run, but if you find an Apostle you really like you can put it in your Reserve Slot and it'll be saved.

Once in battle, you won’t control your Apostles directly, instead giving orders through using their Skills. When not using Skills, your Apostles will walk forward across the battlefield until they come in range of an enemy unit, which they’ll then start to auto-attack.

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