PvE: Roguelite Dungeon

Delve Deeper

Enter the Dungeon

The forces of Chaos have mustered to plunder the depths of the spiritual Dirac Dimension...but they're not the only ones who have come! Sent by the High Goddess Cosmos, now it's your turn to head into the dungeon to battle Chaos' armies, face down dangerous bosses, collect rare Artifacts, and rescue the souls of epic dood Apostles.

Apeiron's dungeons are procedurally generated, which means that each time you play, the layout of rooms will be different - making each dungeon "run" unique. But not only does the dungeon itself shift: you'll also be joined by new dood Apostles - heroic doods with their own special combat skills - every time you play, as well as find new Artifacts to power you up with build-around passive bonuses.

Dungeons are broken down into Depths. At the end of every 3rd Depth waits a challenging Boss monster that will push your abilities to the limit. And of course, as you get deeper, both the monsters and Bosses you face become more and more dangerous...while at the same time, the rewards - such as Apostles - become better and better. How deep can you make it?

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