Apeiron Guild Wars Season 2

The 2nd Apeiron Guild Wars kicked off with the release of the Battle Demo Season 2. This time, instead of speedrunning, it was a test of endurance, with players being asked how deep they could make it into the dungeon. They were shooting for Room 539, which, needless to say, is extremely deep - then we would look at the time taken to reach this room.

At the end of the season, the top communities with the highest number of cleared rooms were invited to a special tournament, a Boss Rush event. In teams of 3, communities went head-to-head to see how many bosses they could beat before dying. It was an action-packed event with some surprising upsets, dark horses, and secret strategies all playing a part in determining the winner...but ultimately it was once again PIF DAO that came out on top!

PIF winning the first two Guild Wars is certainly a statement of intent. Will they continue their dominance in Season 3? We'll see!

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