Apeiron Whitepaper
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Fan Tributes

This page is dedicated to our amazing fans! From eye-catching fanart to wikis, videos, and more, it's awesome to see Apeiron inspire so many people from around the globe.
First of all we'd like to shoutout Astariste#1146 for her awesome fan website, Apeiron Abridged. It's a great wiki of all things Apeiron, so check it out! https://apeironabridged.com/
Qryon#2591 winning entry for the Apeiron Grand Prix, a wonderful informational video.
https://twitter.com/huggya77/status/1524631344185102337 We're sorry we can't embed tweets, but you have to check out this incredible popout book made by 宫保小鸡丁#7914. It's super cool.
Tanbod(Tan)|Apeiron#3493 with a great guide to Planet breeding.
Mapping out the godiverse from Bikutaa#6969
JÉNGKOZ#6969 channels the spirit of the Warrior
S E A N N Y ! !#0089 imagines doods looking up at the stars
Skaliwag#9048 secures a Star Presale Whitelist with some doody help.
TAETAE20#3350 introduces the doods
A short comic from WaTcHinG#8829 on the relationship between gods and doods
A doody battle and duel of fates from 旋律#8025
A literal movie from the incredible Jaduu#7904
Incredible Boss sculpture from Qryon!