Relics (Coming Soon)

Enhance your Play

When a player initiates an Armageddon, they are given a chance to convert their items and Apostles into Relics. Relics may be Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics and even rare Planetary Wonders that might otherwise be lost during reset. Relics have the following utilities:

  • Permanent Progression: Apeiron's gameplay is cyclical, meaning as you play you'll consantly be gaining and losing items. With Relics, you can break the cycle and gain a form of permanent progression that will make your account indefinitely stronger.

  • Trade to the Top: Got a great item? Make it into a Relic and then trade it on the Marketplace!

Minting a Relic: To mint an object into a Relic NFT, the player must spend Apeiros. These Relics may be installed into a Planet’s Relic Slot and activated in the next Planetary cycle. Once they are activated for a new cycle or for a new planet, Relics revert back to their original form, and must be converted again into a Relic if they are to be used in a future cycle, necessitating a further expenditure of tokens, which requires either more play or purchase on the marketplace.

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