Star NFTs

Sic Itur Ad Astra

Stars are similar to the “Lands” in other NFT games. Stars have the following utilities:

  • Planet Aging: Stars age your Planets faster. Older Planets, more Relic slots. More Relic slots, more Relics to power up your Planets!

  • Renting: Stars come with multiple Orbital Tracks to support aging many Planets at once. Rent out your unused Tracks and start collecting passive rents.

  • Alliance Play: Stars are the building blocks of a powerful Alliance. Not only do they allow your Alliance to support more members, but they also offer additional passive gameplay bonuses.

Stella Tabula Chests and Astronomical NFTs: Players may purchase Stars via Stella Tabula chests. Stella Tabula chests come from among four different rarities (Stella Tabula, Celestial, Empyrean, and Omega), with higher tiers of chests containing higher rarities of Stars and Astronomicals.

Astronomical NFTs are special customization objects that orbit your Star and provide additional passive bonuses. Astronomicals could be asteroids, comets, supernovas, or even suns! Each Stella Tabula chest will contain ONE guaranteed Star NFT and then a certain number of Astronomical NFTs depending on chest tier.

Alliances, Constellations, and Zodiac Buffs: Besides helping to passively boost your planets, Stars also serve as the foundations of all Zodiac Alliances. Each Star in your Alliance provides +10 to your Alliance's membership cap. The more Stars you have in your Alliance, the more members you can have.

Stars are also all part of different Constellations. Constellations can either be Major or Minor, with Major containing more Stars of generally higher rarity, while Minor Constellations are less stars of lower rarity. Constellations have their own passive bonuses that they grant to those within.

If your Alliance manages to collect all the Stars from a single Constellation, you’ll be able to access even more passive benefits for your Planets in the form of Zodiac Buffs, which will give huge boosts to aging, more Orbital Tracks, and higher membership caps!

Note that there are some limitations to Alliance-building. Specifically, there can only be a max of 100 Stars in an Alliance, and a max of 13 Constellations to an Alliance. Please note that buffs from different Constellations do NOT stack — so for example, if you have two Constellations that both give a 10% boost to defense, you will only get the effect from one of them. So you will want to try and build your Alliance to have unique buffs as opposed to overlapping.

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