Discord Currencies

Souls & Foonie Emblems

There are two major currencies on our Discord: Foonie Emblems (FE) and Souls. FE is our "premium" currency, while Souls can be earned by everyone on a daily basis!

FE is a token that serves as a reward for our asset-holding community members who are here with us for the long haul. Given out during AMAs, game nights, and other community events, FE may be sold on the secondary market OR exchanged through the FE Shop.

Souls, on the other hand, are rewarded to any community member just for being active on our Discord as a way of encouraging organic community engagement and growth. The Soul Shop has a ton of great rewards to earn, including game time, t-shirts, and even a dood plushie!

Both the FE Shop and Soul Shop an be accessed directly on our Discord server.

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