Gospel: Doodify the World

Building Bonds: Discord Doods

One of our fundamental guiding philosophies is that games are built on the back of strong communities. We think back to our most memorable gaming experiences - chatting with guildmates in World of Warcraft, raiding in Destiny, or even just gathered in front of a TV playing some Smash Bros - games are more fun when you can share them with others.

Over time, our official Discord server has become this kind of special community: what started as a place for people to gather and ask questions about Apeiron has become something more than just a gaming server. It's become a place where people hang out, chill, and forge real, lasting relationships with each other.

Our Discord asks the question of our players: what does it mean to be a dood?

What's in a Dood?

Doods are not just chubby herd like creatures that roam your Planets. Doods is a lifestyle, an attitude... Being a Dood means embracing a little silliness, a little craziness, a love for food and fun with a happy go lucky attitude. It is important to be doody about the silly little things in our lives! We invite everyone to come and be doody with us<3

Join the Party

With daily and weekly events, channels for a wide variety of conversational topics, competitive tournaments, as well as many different language groups, we are proud of the Discord server we have grown over the past few months. If you haven't already, come and join us! There's always room for another dood in the godiverse.


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