$APRS & Aperium

"Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour" - William Blake

Apeiros ($APRS) is our tradeable ecosystem token, while Aperium is a non-tradeable in-game premium currency. Apeiros can be topped-up to the game as Aperium in the forthcoming Apeiron top-up store. Aperium can also be purchased in-game via IAP.

$APRS Marketplace Utility

  • Celestial Conjunction (Planet Breeding)

  • Apostle & Relic Minting

  • Expeditions (NFT and Token Staking Rewards)

  • Orbit Rental (Coming Soon)

Aperium In-game Utility

  • Seasonal Battle Pass

  • Inventory space

  • DoodGPT Training

  • Premium Gacha (Coming soon)

  • Aperium Shop (Coming soon)

Token Metrics

Release Schedule

Tokens need to be unlocked AND in the general public’s hand to be considered circulating. The early unlock treasury and ecosystem are for rewards, staking, and reserved for future uses like market making / token swaps.

Details coming soon

As we finalize our TGE with the exchanges, we will publish more details regarding the details of our token economy. Please stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium blog for more details!

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