Apeiron Whitepaper
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Numbers: Tokenomics

Update April 2023 - A message from Frank Cheng, Foonie Magus CEO: "We are remodeling our tokenomics as we are adjusting our valuation according to the current economic environment.
We are altering the investment rounds and vesting schedule to fit the current product pipeline.
We will include new airdrop mechanisms to our aprs and anima metrics to better reflect what we learnt in the markets these years.
We will lock it down as we approach June, when we have finalized our TGE method and launch dates.
Thank you for your continued support of Apeiron, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you into the godiverse and beyond!"
The value driver in Apeiron is the marketplace and monetary reward system. In contrast to other blockchain systems, the Apeiron metaverse fosters roles and relationships between players, enabling them to exchange contributions and effort through the marketplace. In-game operations rely on a Tri Token System (Apeiros, Anima, and Ringularity) to perform actions in the creation of NFTs, while out-game trades and transactions will be available in public NFT marketplaces such as Opensea.
Key to our beliefs is putting the power back into the hands of the players. We do this in two ways: first, by giving players full ownership of what they produce through the NFT metaverse. And second, through our play-to-earn token, Anima. By engaging with the god-game simulation and with the RPG exploration, players will be able to earn Anima, which they can either feed back into the game to further progress their gameplay, or take onto the marketplace and exchange for real cryptocurrency. Through NFTs and Anima, it is the players who will have control over their own destiny in the Apeiron economy.

Marketplace Cycle Ecosystem

Tri-Token System

Apeiros (APRS)

Apeiros serves as Apeiron's governance tokens, the token holders will take part in voting processes that will affect the future development of the game. The supply of Apeiros shall be fixed. Release of the tokens will come in stages, first to early investors and developers, then to the public in an initial Token Generation Event. Finally, once the game has fully released, a portion will be awarded to the players for competitive PvP tournaments and grand achievements for completing Galactic Events, such as defeating World Bosses. In game, Apeiros must be used to purchase Mini-Black Hole NFTs to perform Celestial Conjunctions or to forge Avatar equipment and skill cards, Apostles and Environment Objects into Relics. Apeiros can be listed in either/both centralized and decentralized exchanges and traded freely among players.

Anima (ANIMA)

Anima serves as Apeiron’s Play-to-Earn Tokens. Anima supply is not fixed and each token is minted when a player accomplishes certain tasks in game. It may be generated as a reward for completing dungeons, missions, winning PvP encounters, and notably a large amount can be generated through Armageddon events (see Pillar I: God-Game Simulation). Only a certain amount of Anima can be generated weekly. Anima must be used to perform a Celestial Conjunction or Chronomerging. The supply and demand of Anima scales with the amount of active users and we will monitor our game economics closely to keep Anima in a healthy equilibrium. Anima can be listed in either/both centralized and decentralized exchanges and traded freely among players.

Ringularity (RNGU)

Ringularity acts as Apeiron’s premium Tokens for distribution in large scale events. Players earn Ringularity from sustained commitment in Galactic Events, World Bosses, and Alliance-level GvG and raid content. Having a third token is a novel idea that represents our belief that Alliances and Gaming Guilds - social gaming - will provide the long-term support for Apeiron to continue to grow. Ringularity owners can gain access to the most enticing venues, shopes and yield farming mechanisms. All 3 tokens will be tradable in the exchanges.

Player Incentives

Our Tri-Tokens and NFTs operate in tandem to mirror a functioning economy, where different players in different parts of the game will have varying incentives to interact with our systems. Below we have a chart where we have some of our Doods roleplaying, to the best of their limited abilities, a few of the player types Apeiron might maintain. Of course, they can only represent so much, but it will at least give an idea.
On the top will be the Star Owners, the Mass Planet Breeders, and the market aficionados, these will be the players who have heavily invested in the game from the start and have become leaders of their own Alliances. Below them you have the specialized players: the Pro Players will be PvP experts who have fully-fleshed out team for battle in the arena and who focus on making Apeiros, our governance token. Then there are the PvE experts who farm dungeons and develop planets to get the best high-end Relics. Speedrunners will focus on maximizing short and speedy cycles to generate more of our p2e currency, Anima. And finally, Socializers will chill out and chat with all the others, tying the community together as they proceed slowly through the game.
Note that this is just a model. In reality, the economy will be much more fluid and dynamic. Not only are there more player types than what this model can account for, but as players move naturally among the types and as they discover their own strategies for engaging with the game we expect the economy to continue to evolve. We are excited for them to explore what our game has to offer, and will actively monitor Apeiron’s economics to make sure it remains fair, open, and fun!

APRS Token Issuance

The total amount of Apeiros in the Apeiron metaverse shall not exceed 1,000,000,000. We will carefully regulate the amount of Apeiros available at any given time.
210,000,000 (21%) Investment Round - Investments from Pre-seed, Seed and Private Round
40,000,000 (4%) Community and Public Round - Initial Token Generation Event
140,000,000 (14%) Play and earn - Gameplay Achievements, Events, PvP Tournaments, Esports Events and Ecosystem management.
60,000,000 (6%) Community & Marketing - community building and promotional rewards
50,000,000 (5%) Advisors- Allocated to non-founding members who contribute to the growth of Aperion
200,000,000 (20%) Development Team - Maintenance of game development and operations
300,000,000 (30%) Yield & Liquidity - Staking rewards, listings and liquidity pool resources

Apeiros Presales

A portion of the Apeiros supply will be sold to private and public investors to raise funds and liquidity for Apeiron. Private investors can contact us directly, while public investors can participate in our upcoming TGE.

Apeiron Treasury

Upon going live, the Treasury will receive a portion of the marketplace fees (in WETH) and Celestial Conjunction income (Apeiros). This contributes to the win-to-earn ecosystem in multiple ways, including but not limited to:
Esport event sponsorships
Extra Anima for seasonal PVP tournaments
Galactic Event rewards for Alliance and Star owners
Apeiros holders can vote on other Treasury usages