Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

Mini-Black Holes & Foonie Emblems

In light of market conditions, we pushed back the launch of our APRS governance token until Q4 2022. This presented us with a challenge, as we had previously defined Celestial Conjunction Planet breeding as requiring APRS. Therefore, in May 2022 we decided to launch our Mini-Black Hole (mBH) NFTs.
Over the past few months, we have airdropped mBH to our most dedicated and passionate Planet holders and community members, giving them a premier opportunity to produce more Planets. mBH is also now traded openly on the secondary market. Looking forward, after our game launches, given the success of the token, we have decided that mBH will be used alongside ANIMA to conduct Celestial Conjunction, and be available for purchase with APRS.
In addition to mBH, in late June 2022 we launched our Foonie Emblem NFTs. These serve as rewards for our committed community members who are here with us for the long haul. Given out during AMAs, game nights, and other community events, Foonie Emblems may be sold on the secondary market OR exchanged through the Foonie Emblem Emporium on our Discord server.
Our Emblem Emporium allows our community access to a variety of Apeiron NFTs and merchandise at a discount rate. Here are the currently available items:
  • 5 Emblems — DADI T-Shirt
  • 10 Emblems — Mini-Black Hole
  • 25 Emblems — Dood Apostle
  • 35 Emblems — Quad Element Planet
  • 40 Emblems — Dood Plushie
  • 50 Emblems — Tri Element Planet
  • 60 Emblems — Elemental Exordium Planet Core
  • 196 Emblems — Mythic Exordium Planet Core
  • 396 Emblems — Arcane Exordium Planet Core
  • 1200 Emblems — Divine Exordium Planet Core