Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

Pillar II: Action - RPG


The Basics: Every Planet NFT comes with an Avatar. The player’s Spirit Core can inhabit the Avatar when not inhabiting the EDEN. Unlike the EDEN, which is locked into place on the Planet’s surface, players can directly control the Avatar to explore worlds and fight monsters. As the player grows in confidence and skill, they can choose to take their Avatar and Apostles (see below) and join in epic GvG battles, Raids against powerful world bosses, and competitive esports events.
  • Each Avatar will be one of three classes: the Fury, a deadly close-quarters fighter; the Wisdom, a powerful caster; and the Fate, a commander who provides useful buffs and enhancements on the battlefield. The appearance of the Avatar will depend on both the combat class and the elemental composition of the Planet.
Card-based Combat Skills: Players will be able to move and attack enemies on uniquely designed combat maps. During battles, Avatars will have access to powerful Skill Cards drawn from a Combat Deck. Every Avatar has its own set of Skills: some will be derived from its class, some from the elemental composition of the planet to which they are linked, while others will be gained over time through developing your planet or even found out in the dark corners of the godiverse. Planets with more concentrated elemental compositions or special Planetary Wonders will have access to more powerful skills. Players will be able to freely customize their suite of Avatar Skills in their Combat Deck for each encounter.
Combat Skill Inheritance: There are three Avatar classes — the Fury, the Wisdom, and the Fate - shown above. After Celestial Conjunction, a new planet will inherit its class from either parent. If both parents are of the same class, you’ll be guaranteed to get the same class for the child. If the parents are in different classes, then it’s a straight 50/50 on which class the child planet will get.
Each Avatar comes with up to 5 innate skills — 3 card skills (C-Skills), which are class dependent, and 2 passive skills (P-Skills), which are element dependent.
As C-Skills are class dependent, these will come from the parents. Let’s take a few demonstrative examples to unpack how it works — presented below:
Please note that in the third case, since the child can only draw from one parent, it will also have a 25% chance to receive a “neutral” C-Skill. Neutral C-Skills are generic combat skills that give your Avatar the flexibility of a wide-range of abilities — however, these tend to be less powerful than their dedicated elemental counterparts — and so it will be up to you to figure out if you want to use them or not.
Additionally, there is a small chance that any C-Skill will “mutate” into an entirely new skill! You might find your new planet coming with a powerful ability` you absolutely were not expecting — or, similarly, something that doesn’t fit your plans. It’s something you’ll have to adapt to as you work through your celestial conjunctions.


Most Doods live carefree hedonistic lives, but there are some who - inspired or saved by your divine power - hear the call to adventure. These are the Dood Apostles. Apostles lead squads of Dood disciples and support you in your explorations and battles. Apostles can be rescued from the Manifold Paths of Dirac, our endless dungeon, by going through your Planet's dungeon, or by seeking out dark and dangerous Dungeon Worlds.
  • Apostles have different stats, classes, weapons, special body parts, and skills for a total of 0.3 billion unique combinations. The 12 Apostle classes are: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Bard, Hunter, Priest, Summoner, Dragoon, Knight, Berserker, Shaman, and Guardian.
  • Each Apostle has an associated deck of Skill Cards which will supplement your Avatar's Combat Deck. Bring different combinations of Apostles together with your Avatar to see what works most effectively in battle!
  • Apostles may be combined through holy rituals to generate better stats or different skill decks.
  • On your starting Planet, you may uncover some rare or even epic Dood Apostles. But beyond, in the dark reaches of the Dungeon Worlds scattered across the universe, there are the souls of powerful legendary Apostles. Seek out the powerful Hercudood or the cunning Doowukong and make a party that can challenge even other divines!
Apostles are lost upon Armageddon, but can be converted into Relic NFTs using Apeiros, our governance token, and then traded on the marketplace.

Combat System

The combat system is a dynamic, real-time card-battler built around Avatars and Apostle Squads. The player will be able to control the movement and targeting of their Avatar on uniquely-designed combat maps, while the Apostles will move around independently. At the start of each encounter, the Avatar’s Skill Cards and Apostle Skill Cards will be shuffled together. A hand of skill cards will be dealt to the player: each time they use one of the skills from the hand, a new skill is drawn from the deck. This system encourages the player to constantly readjust to the changing flow of battle - what enemies they might be facing, what skills they have in hand and how to use them most efficiently - making every encounter unique.
Note: The exact configuration of the combat system will be subject to change as we prototype and experiment to find what works best for our game.


Once the player feels sufficiently prepared, they may take their Avatar and accompanying Apostle Squads to explore Dungeons. Each planet has an associated dungeon which can only be accessed through controlling that planet’s EDEN. This dungeon represents a corner of the Dirac Sea, a spiritual confluence of souls that grows along with your world, and presents a variety of combat and puzzle encounters that will challenge the player’s game knowledge and abilities. By exploring their world’s Dirac Sea, players can rescue the souls of Dood Apostles and have them join their team. They may also take their Avatar across the galaxy to other Dungeon Worlds, where they may find powerful artifacts.
  • Players may delve deeper into their world’s Dirac Sea by leveling up their EDEN.
  • Besides their starting world's dungeon, players may visit the Manifold Paths of Dirac, one of the great Celestial Waygates of the Godiverse. This is an endless dungeon - the deeper the player goes, the better the rewards, but the risks are real - should the player die, they will lose everything they have gained during the run.
  • Additionally, players will find various Dungeon Worlds scattered around the godiverse. These are bespoke dungeons that will have unique content - interesting stories or rare items.
  • Players will be able to earn Anima, Apeiron’s play-to-earn tokens, as a reward for completing dungeons.


Once players have rescued the souls of a full team of Dood Apostles and converted them into NFTs for use, they can take them into the Hourglass Coliseum, an intergalactic arena in which Godlings test their strength against each other. The Coliseum will be a 1v1 PvP battle experience where players will be able to put their Avatar and Apostles to the ultimate test by facing other players. Through winning matches, players will be able to climb the galactic ladder. At the end of a season of play, rewards will be distributed, with the lion’s share going to those who fought their way to the very top.
  • We will be holding frequent tournaments with special conditions (e.g. certain cards banned, or with special battlefields) with prizes to keep players interested in the PvP experience.
  • We will also be watching the PvP meta closely and dropping frequent patches to ensure the competition remains fresh and exciting.

Endgame: Alliances, Esports, and Seasonal Content

As the player builds up their worlds and develops a team of Avatars, each with their own powerful Combat Decks and supporting Apostles, they can consider joining an Alliance. An Alliance will allow them to join forces with other dedicated Godlings to tackle endgame content such as World Boss raids. They will want to do so, since defeating these World Bosses will unlock new Seasonal Content. Each season will come with the release of a new Mythological Galaxy. After defeating the Guardian World Boss raid, the content will be unlocked for everyone: this will include new Skill Cards, Apostles, Equipment, and Worlds to explore!
In addition to raiding, Alliances will also support players to join epic GvG battles - grand skirmishes with hundreds of players fighting off against each other in a huge and chaotic melee where only one side can come out standing!
Finally, for those who have reached the top-tier of individual and team play, we will be hosting esports tournaments to give these players the chance to fight for prizes, honor, and most importantly, bragging rights.