Apeiron Whitepaper
English V0.1.5

Pillar III: NFTs

There will be three main kinds of NFTs in Apeiron: Planets, Stars and Relics. These NFTs are unique, non-fungible ERC 721 Tokens that can be bought and sold. They can be transferred to the sidechain in later phases. Below are the key points of the system, proceeding from Planets to Stars to Relics:

Planet NFTs

Planets are where the main gameplay loop happens and are necessary to play Apeiron. Players have several options to acquire their first Planet NFT: (1) they may join a gaming guild to get a non-transferable seed planet to try the game; (2) they can purchase a Primeval Planet - the “Gen 0” Planets that have never been bred before - from our Primeval Planets Presale; (3) they may purchase any Planet available on the marketplace. Every planet is made up of a combination of unique traits and attributes split between the four elements. Planets come at different rarities, where the rarer Planets will have higher chances of getting rare traits and elemental distributions.
  • Initial Planet Presale: The Primeval Planets are progenitors of all other Planets in the Godiverse. 84% of these will be available for sale to the public, 15% will be sold to strategic partners and 1% will be reserved and distributed to Players as rewards.
  • Renting Planets: Players who have extra Planets can rent to other players for a fixed period of time. In this case, the owner receives a fixed share of the resources that the tenant generates during their play. The tenant may not use the Planet for Celestial Conjunction, but they may reset the Planet as many times as they wish to upgrade their own account.
  • Free to Play x Gaming Guilds: For those who want to try Apeiron for free but don't have or wish to buy a Planet of their own, they may join one of our gaming guild partners, who will provide them with a free, non-transferable seed planet for them to play!
  • Elemental Distribution: Planets will have 100 elemental points distributed among the four traditional elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. This distribution forms the basic attributes of a Planet, not only does it affect the Planet’s appearance, it also affects the types of objects the player and Doods can create. Furthermore, a more concentrated elemental distribution will give access to more powerful skills and miracles.
  • Planetary Traits: In addition to its elements, Planet can obtain traits though Planet simulation, with some traits being rarer than others. While many traits will have a direct impact on gameplay, some are purely cosmetic.


Stars are similar to the “Lands” in other NFT games. Each Star has one or more Orbital Tracks — you can take one of your Planets and “park” it in one of the empty Tracks and it will start to receive an aging boost from the Star. As mentioned above, aging faster will help the Planet to unlock more Relic slots, which themselves can be used to insert Relics into the Planet, allowing you to power up your EDEN and Avatar. You can also rent out your empty Tracks to other players and receive rents accordingly.
Stella Tabula Chests and Astronomicals NFTs: Players may purchase Stars via Stella Tabula chests. Stella Tabula chests among four different rarities (Stella Tabula, Celestial, Empyrean, and Omega), with higher tiers of chests containing higher rarities of Stars and Astronomicals. Astronomicals NFTs are special customization objects that orbit your Star and provide additional passive bonuses. Astronomicals could be asteroids, comets, supernovas, or even suns! Each Stella Tabula chest will contain ONE guaranteed Star NFT and then a certain number of Astronomicals NFTs depending on chest tier.
Alliances, Constellations, and Zodiac Buffs: Besides helping to passively boost your planets, Stars also serve as the foundations of all Alliances. Each Star in your Alliance provides +10 to your Alliance's membership cap. Then, Stars are all part of different Constellations. Constellations can either be Major or Minor, with Major containing more Stars of generally higher rarity, while Minor Constellations are less stars of lower rarity. If your Alliance manages to collect all the Stars from a single Constellation, you’ll be able to access even more passive benefits for your Planets. The ultimate goal for your Alliance will be to complete 13 Constellations, at which point you can activate Zodiac buffs, which will give huge boosts to aging, more Orbital Tracks, and higher membership caps!


When a player initiates an Armageddon, they are given a chance to convert their items and Apostles into Relics. Relics may be Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics and even rare Planetary Wonders that might otherwise be lost during reset. To mint an object into a Relic NFT, the player must spend Apeiros. These Relics may be installed into a Planet’s Relic Slot and activated in the next Planetary cycle. Once they are activated for a new cycle or for a new planet, Relics revert back to their original form, and must be converted again into a Relic if they are to be used in a future cycle, necessitating a further expenditure of tokens, which requires either more play or purchase on the marketplace.
  • Relics are unique NFT of NFTs that can be openly traded with others. Relics provide a form of permanent progression for players that also gives them an incentive to interact with the marketplace.


Planet NFT Presale (April 2022)

The first 4,586 Planet NFTs generated will be the rarest Planets in the Apeiron metaverse: the Primeval Planets. These limited edition, never-again-minted NFTs feature exclusive cosmetic and meta tags, and their pre-sales will raise capital for the project. They will also grant their owners access to special privileges such as pre-launch Celestial Conjunction opportunities, beta gameplay, and more.

Stella Tabula Lottery and Presales (Date: TBA)

Some Star plots in Apeiron will be sold to early buyers - specifically, a total of 11,498 Stars will be made available for Sale in the form of Stella Tabulas. Stella Tabulas are chests containing Stars from across the many galaxies of the Apeiron universe. Besides a guaranteed Star, the chest may also contain up to ten Celestial Items to customize your Star. Stella Tabulas come at different rarity tiers, ranging from common to divine: higher rarity Stella Tabulas come with better chances at scoring Ancient Stars and legendary items. Stella Tabulas will be initially sold through a lottery available to those who stake our Apeiros token.

Marketplace & Wrapped ETH

All NFTs will be sold in public marketplaces. Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) is the native currency for these Marketplaces. To help users minimize costs and weather ETH gas fee fluctuations, we use sidechain tech and Wrapped Ethereum for stable marketplace operations. ETH supply increased by 2.3% per year while Bitcoin increased by 4% and the US dollar increased by almost 10% in 2021. Ethereum is currently transitioning from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS), and once the process is complete, projected supply growth will become negative (around -1.9 % per year).