Apeiron Whitepaper
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Pillar III: Player Ownership

There will be three main kinds of NFTs in Apeiron: Planets, Stars and Relics. These NFTs are unique, non-fungible ERC 721 Tokens that can be bought and sold. They can be transferred to the sidechain in later phases. In the following pages, we'll talk about the different NFTs and what utilities they offer to the player.


The Apeiron Marketplace website is your one-stop shop for all things Apeiron related. Not only can you purchase all major Apeiron NFTs here, but you can also breed Planets, manage your Stars, go out on Expeditions, download the Battle Demo, and more! If you haven't already, make sure you sign up for an account.
You can also find Apeiron NFTs being traded on platforms such as OpenSea.
The official Apeiron marketplace website

Wrapped ETH

All NFTs will be sold in public marketplaces. Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) is the native currency for these Marketplaces. To help users minimize costs and weather ETH gas fee fluctuations, we use sidechain tech and Wrapped Ethereum for stable marketplace operations. ETH supply increased by 2.3% per year while Bitcoin increased by 4% and the US dollar increased by almost 10% in 2021. Ethereum is currently transitioning from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS), and once the process is complete, projected supply growth will become negative (around -1.9 % per year).
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