Apeiron Whitepaper
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What is Apeiron

“Would that I were divine, that I might make the universe anew.”- James Marshall
To play at god. To wield the power of creation and destruction in the palm of your hands. To shape your own planet, guiding the rise and fall of civilizations. To weave the fabric of spacetime and bear witness to entire life cycles of the stars. Ascend to the heavens: welcome to the Apeiron universe.
Inspired by classic god games such as Populous, Black and White, and Spore, in Apeiron the player becomes a Godling, a newborn divine. You'll take control of a Planet full of doods - cute and cuddly little creatures - and use your divine powers to summon elemental miracles, helping the doods by answering their prayers (or punishing their sins). Watch our prototype gameplay trailer here.
It's a miracle!
But Apeiron is more than just a god game. You'll summon an Avatar - a powerful elemental construct - and dive into the dangerous PvE (Player vs Environment) dungeons of the Dirac Dimension to fight against the forces of Chaos using our real-time card-battling system. Our dungeons are procedurally generated, so that each time you play, you'll have a unique dungeon experience. You can play through the PvE dungeons now by downloading the demo for free on the Epic Game Store!
Besides PvE Dungeons, Apeiron will also have a fast-paced and chaotic PvP (Player vs Player) mode. Take your Avatar and your dood Apostles whose souls you rescued from the dungeons and take them into the Godling Arena to test your might against other gods.
The Apeiron godiverse is made up of galaxies based on mythology and folklore from around the world. Players will work together to progress Apeiron's living story, unlocking new content on a seasonal basis through epic Guild vs Guild Alliance gameplay and large-scale Raid Boss battles. Watch our Battle Demo background story cinematic here.
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